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WordPress website – Tai Morris

When designing the website is clean and simple, the spectacular photos are what makes it look good.
In this way, the works are brought to the front of the stage and they receive full attention.
Although there are many images, the site loads very quickly and receives the grade A.
Fast loading also leads to improving the site's search results on Google.

אתר וורדפרס

אתר וורדפרס – תיק עבודות טאי מוריס

העיצוב של האתר הוא נקי ופשוט, התמונות המרהיבות הן שעושות אותו.
בכך מביאים את היצירות לקדמת הבמה והן מקבלות את מלוא תשומת הלב.
למרות שיש תמונות רבות האתר נטען במהירות גבוהה ומקבל את הציון A.
טעינה מהירה מובילה גם לשיפור תוצאות החיפוש של האתר בגוגל.

Monthly newsletter

The newsletter of the Antiquities Authority employees

The WordPress website actually works as a blog
that allows the client to create posts that are actually the articles that are presented in the monthly issue.
The advantage of this is that the site also serves as an archive for all the articles that are ever created
and they are kept on the site's server.
All the articles can be found on the website under Articles Collection.
It also allows easy accessibility and a search tool that allows the employees to find articles easily.

ניוזלטר חודשי

הניוזלטר של עובדי רשות העתיקות

אתר הוורדפרס עובד למעשה כבלוג המאפשר ליצור בו פוסטים שהם למעשה המאמרים שמוצגים בגליון החודשי.
היתרון בכך הוא שהאתר גם משמש כארכיון לכל המאמרים שנוצרים אי פעם והם נשמרים על השרת של האתר.
אפשר למצוא את כל המאמרים באתר תחת צובר מאמרים.
הוא גם מאפשר נגישות קלה וכלי חיפוש שמאפשרים למצוא מאמרים בקלות על ידי עובדי הרשות.

web application

Rental Management App

anagement software can be found in the market,
most of them for a monthly or annual fee
and it is possible that most of the functions in them will suit the customer's needs.
In the case of this client, he has searched and experimented, for a long time, with many such programs.
Non of which suited exactly his business needs
and even made him waste time building and experimenting with the database.When he contacted me, we characterized together the product.
I learned how his business operates and what are the functions needed to manage it
and what is the order of operations of each function.
I built the app in code from scratch on the NodeJs platform and using a secure MongoDB database.

wordpress website

Maria Villa Guesthouse

ordPress platform and is responsive,
meaning it's adapted to different screens.
All content is written by me after questioning the client
in order to understand the essence of the business and the services he offers.
All photos on the site are authentic and were taken by me,
at the client's request.


International Non-Smoking Day

The site is actually an interactive image-
Hovering with the mouse on different elements animates them, using javascript,
and thus the user knows that they can be clicked for some information.
Some of the elements open, by clicking on them,
a popup showing one of the videos on smoking cessation, questionnaires, quizzes or conference information.

online shop

Fruit Shop

A website that is an online shop
for the purchase and delivery of frozen fruits and other healthy products.
The website was built from scratch in code using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
It is is built on NodeJs, Express and the database relies on MongoDB.
The site includes category pages, promotions, customer club registration,
shopping cart and order summary.
The site is responsive and adapted to all types of screens and devices.
In addition, the site has accessibility for people with disabilities.

natural pharmacy blog

Herbalism Course

Landing page with a blog on natural pharmacy, built in WordPress.
The page ellabprates on the online course for natural pharmacy,
including referrals for course registration, a page about the client and a contact page.
The page is responsive and adapted to all types of screens and devices.
In addition, the page content is tailored to the promotion and SEO requirements
including link words, tags, wording and content design.

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