Please to meet you,
Ishai Eliaz

"If you can dream it – you can do it!" (Walt Disney)

After a decade of working in the TV & cinema productions, in various roles from Production Assistant to Executive Producer,
I've decided to change my life direction into an area that always attracted and intrigued me - programming.
The endless options and opportunities that unlocks the ability to create anything you can imagine with new languages and a technology, that doesn't stop to evolve, seemed to me just like doing magic.
And so, I've found myself taking online courses in the field of programming and web development.
With each new language I learn and practice I understand that what I've imagined wasn't far at all from reality.
From creating art upon the screen with the CSS language, through Javascript, which is the programming language that conducts everything that happens and brings life to letter and binary values, to server-side applications that are responsible for everything that goes behind the curtains.
I intend to keep on learning new languages and expand my knowledge and the tools that are available to me.
Infinite languages to infinite possibilities.

From a producer to a programmer

From my experience as a producer I've learned to look at the big picture of each project, and analyze it to all it's small parts in order to understand how to run it all together, so that the project is completed in the best manner within the time allotted to it.
A significate role of the producer is to figure out how, in one hand, understanding the director's vision and needs, and on the other realize the limits of the budget and comply to them.
The methods that assists the producer to make the most out of the resources that stands to him, are a constant search for creative solutions and tracking and preventing unnecessary expenses.
I intend to bring all the knowledge and experience I have from being a producer into the world of websites and applications development,
as now the client replaces the director and together we'll be able to make dreams come true.


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