White Cosmic

Build Websites, Landing Pages and Web Apps
White Cosmic

White Cosmic

Build websites, shops, landing pages or web apps

Build Websites

WordPress or with code from scratch

Build a Shop

Woocommerce or with code from scratch

Build Web Apps

customized web applications for your business

Services I Provide

Build Websites or Landing Pages

Build customized WordPress websites or landing pages or built with code from scratch,
according to the clients’ needs and demands.

Build an Ecommerce Shop

Build a WordPress Woocommerce shop, or built a shop with code from scratch.
The shop includes an admin dashboard from where the client can easily add products and content.
Including a customized design and integration with a payment gateway.

Build a Web App from Scratch

If you need software that will optimize your business, provide control or tracking of products, inventory or sales-
You can get a web application with customed code.
For instance, you can get an app designed for managing equipment rentals,
including a management interface for editing and tracking content,
adding users and managing permissions.

One of the great benefits of using a web app is that there is no need to install any special software.
The app is on the web, therefore
Given the link and access details it can be accessed from any device,
as long as it is connected to the internet.
All of the information is secure, maintained on the private server belonging to the client and backed up daily.

The application is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript
on the NodeJS, Express platform using the MongoDB database.
It is stored on a VPS private server.

In addition, you can get maintenance services for an existing site,
changes, improvements or repairs at an hourly cost.
Examples of sites, landing pages and web apps I’ve built can be found on the portfolio.
For a quote for building a website, landing page or web application, you can leave details in the contact form.

Together We’ll Build Your Vision
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