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Websites and Landing Pages

First Stage of Building Websites, Website Requirements Specification

Nowadays, almost everyone wants their own website.
Whether a small or large business, or just want to share the world with our creations.
What once seemed like a big, complex and expensive thing today is accessible to everyone.
It all depends on what exactly you want.
Or rather, what exactly is needed.
When building websites, before you start building the website,
you should first understand what exactly it should contain,
what will be displayed on it and what the functions it gives will be.
In other words – website requirements specification.
Will it be possible to purchase through the website (includes a credit card clearing option)?
Will there be registered users?
What options are open to registered users?
Is it just viewing content and joining a newsletter,
or also being able to add content and comment on existing content?
Is it necessary to add and update content on the site on a regular basis?
If the business provides only one service,
it may be possible to settle for just a landing page that contains information about the service and contact information.

Understand Together What Your Site Needs

There are many types of websites and certainly not all websites are the same.
Every component of the website costs money and so,
part of the process of building websites is to achieve all of its’ needs,
without unnecessary components.
The first thing we do when we start working together on building your website, is to characterize it.
With the help of a series of simple questions we will figure the website requirements specification.
Later, when we pour the content into it, we will be able to make the final changes that will suit it.

Website Design

The website design process includes choosing the logo (if there is one),
colors, fonts, backgrounds, images and more …
Website design is also influenced by its specifications and the functions it provides.
I personally always prefer to go for clean and clear lines,
Without overloading details about the users,
and generally giving a pleasant and professional experience while browsing the site.
Of course, if you have a vision about what your site should look like,
I would always love to know what it is.
What are your favorite colors, if you have photos you would like to appear on the site, etc …

Websites Building – Multiple Options for Website Design

Since not everyone is born with a brush in hand and not everyone has design skills,
I would be happy to offer, first, my sketch for the website design
and together we’ll choose what you like and procees to the final design that is acceptable to you.
I invite you to look here at the website gallery I’ve built
and choose a general direction for website design.
In addition, it is possible to turn to one of the designers I work with,
all of whom are graduates of design schools and have worked in the industry for years,
For a website designed at a particularly high professional level (extra payment).

Site Content

So just as almost everyone wants a website, almost everyone forgets that a website needs content.
The site represents you or your business so the content is something that needs to come from you.
At least the initial content.
Of course in this field not everyone is born with a pen and keyboard in hand
and not everyone is a copywriter,
But who knows you and your business better than you do?
For example an ‘About’ page is a very important part of any site,
As a matter of fact, the ‘About’ page is the page on the site that most users will enter
and will almost always be among the first pages they enter.
If not the first.
The users do not know you and the ‘About’ page is the way to introduce yourself and your business
and get the users of the site to trust you.

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step …” (Lao Tze)

Therefore, I highly recommend in the initial stage,
to pour on the page everything that seems right and important.
One can also write only important points in general terms and then develop each topic.
At a later stage, we will check together the content you wrote,
we will understand in which body we will address the users,
Proofreading will be done, edited and with the help of directive questions we will add important information.
Here too, for an additional fee,
we could use the professionals I work with,
in order to get professional content at a very high level.

In addition, you can get maintenance services for an existing site,
changes, improvements or repairs at an hourly cost.
Examples of sites, landing pages and web apps I’ve built can be found on the portfolio.
For a quote for building a website, landing page or web application, you can leave details in the contact form.