Gutman Herbs

Natural Pharmacy and Reiki

A Website for natural, organic, vegan products.

The website shows the business's products(natural oils and ointment made of herbs), In addition it offers Reiki treatments and contains a blog with useful tips regarding natural pharmacy.

Besides the services which the business provides, there are two pages in the website giving information about the owner and the business, an explanation page about Aroma Therapy, a FAQ page, and a contact page.

In the home page there is a recommendation's slide about the business which rotates every few seconds or by clicking the arrows.

In the contact page there are gallery images slide from the events the business participated in.

The website is dynamic and the owner has the ability to self-add or update new products to the store and content to the blog.

The site is designed with clean, soft lines, optimized to most screen sizes and mobile phone, and loads very fast, matching the google search's standards.

You can visit and get a feel of the website in the address:

A few Screen Shots from the website, Click to enlarge

The Home Page on Mobile Screen

About Select Page

The Shop's Entrance on Mobile Screen

The Shop, Natural Ointments Page

FAQ Page

Contact Page

Recommends Slide on Home Page

About the Owner Page

The Blog

An Article in The Blog


Phone: 972-54-8021080

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