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A single Webpage for candidates to a new TV-serie

A simple, single Web Page designed for recruiting new candidates for a new TV-serie.

The page assists the casting manager of the project to filter candidates by using a conatct form,

The potential candidates fill their personal details and add photos of themselves.

The details and the photos are sent to the casting manager straight to the email.

To the page the candidates get by links published on relevant websites and forums.

The page is designed with colors and fonts that match the TV-channel in which the serie is purposed to air.

It is fully responsive and is optimized for most screen sizes and mobile phones.

The form is secured and validated before sent to the casting manager and ensures that all the details would be filled properly by the candidates.

A few Screen Shots from the website, Click to enlarge

A Landing Page with a Form

An Option to Attach Photos Files

The Page is Compatiable to Mobile Phones


Phone: 972-54-8021080

Photos by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

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