An Events Productions Company

A Website for an events productions company.

The home page offers two navigation bars to maximize the exposure of the company's services to the user.

The website is dynamic and uses a database to store all the content and images shown on the pages,

which allows the owner to self-add and update all the content and images on the website.

Each page relates to a different service the company provides and in each page's lower part there are eight magnet-shaped images(similar to one of the services the company provides) with links to different pages on the website.

Besides these pages there are also an About the company page, a contact page and recommends page.

Most of the photos in the website where taken in real events the company participated in, to give an authentic atmosphere.

Each page's bottom contains a banner with contact details and form.

In addition, in the home page there's a recommendations's slide, rotating every few seconds or by clicking on the arrows.

The website is fully responsive and compatible to most screen sizes and mobile phones, it is also loads very fast and matches the google search standards.


A few Screen Shots from the website, Click to enlarge

Home Page on Mobile Screen

Magnet Photos Shaped links in each Page Bottom

Photography and Magnet Photos Page

Dancers and Giant Costums Page

Carnaval on the Dance Floor

Contact Details on each Page's Lower Banner

Recommends Slide on Home Page


Phone: 972-54-8021080

Photos by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

All rights reserved to White Cosmic