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About Me

Website Development, Infinite Possibilities

“If You Can Dream It – You Can Do It” (Walt Disney)

After a decade of working in the field of television and film productions,
in a variety of roles to an actual producer,
I decided to change direction in life to an area that has always attracted and intrigued me –
web development and programming.
The infinite possibilities that open up before you and the ability to create anything that comes to your mind using new languages,
and technology that keeps advancing seemed like magic to me.
And so I started taking online programming and web development courses.
With each new language I learn and experience I realize that what I imagined is not far from reality at all.
From CSS with which you can actually create art on the screen,
through JavaScript which is the programming language that manipulates everything that is on the screen,
and breathes life into letters and binary code,
​​to server-side applications that are responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes.
I intend to constantly learn new languages ​​and expand the tools at my disposal.
Infinite languages to ​​infinite possibilities.

From Producing to a Web Development

From my experience working as a producer,
I learned to look at the big picture of a project.
Disassemble it into all the small parts and analyze each part in order to understand how to manage it all together,
And so the project is completed in the best way and at the time assigned to it.
An important role of the producer is, on the one hand, to understand the director’s vision and needs,
and on the other hand to recognize and meet the budget limits.
The methods available to the producer are maximum utilization of the resources available to him,
Constant search for creative solutions and locating unnecessary expenses and preventing them.
I intend to bring all the knowledge and experience from working as a producer
to the world of building websites and apps,
When instead of the director, now there’s the client and together we can fulfill dreams.

In addition, you can get maintenance services for an existing site,
changes, improvements or repairs at an hourly cost.
Examples of sites, landing pages and web apps I’ve built can be found on the portfolio.
For a quote for building a website, landing page or web application, you can leave details in the contact form.