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First of all, specification of the website's features

In the current age, almost everyone wants a website for themselves.
Whether if it's a small or big business, or just wanting to share the world with our creations.
What once seemed to be a huge, complex and expensive product, today is accessible to anyone. Only depends on what exactly you want.
Or better say, need.
Before we get to the process of building a website, we need to understand what are exactly the things need to be shown in it, how we want it to look and what would it's functions be.
In other words- what are the specifications of our website.
Will it have an option to purchase products online(involves credit card clearing)?
Will it have registered users?
What options would be available for the registered users? Would it only be reading the content and getting newsletters, or would it also involve the ability to add content and commenting on the existing content on the website?
Is there a need to add and update content regularly?
If the business provides only one service, maybe it's better to settle with a webpage containing all the information about the service and contact details.

Figure out together what your website needs

There are many types of websites, and of course not all the websites are the same.
Each feature of the website costs money, and part of the website's building is to fulfill all of it's purposes, without unnecessary components.
The first thing we'll do when we start building your website is specify it's features.
With a series of simple questions we'll build together the website's initial specifications and in later, when we bring the content into it, we will make the final adjustments that would fit the content.

Designing the website

The process of designing the website includes selecting the logo(if there would be one), the colors, the fonts, backgrounds, images and more…
The website's design is affected by both it's specifications and the functions it provides.
Personally I always prefer using clean and clear lines, without tiring the users with too many details, and in general giving a pleasant and professional experience when browsing the website.
Of course, if you have your own vision about how your website should look, I would love to first know what it is, what are your favorite colors and if you have images you'd like to show on the website etc…

Several options for the website's design

Since not everyone is born with a paintbrush in their hand and not everyone is gifted with a sense for design,
I would be happy, initially, to offer my sketch for the website's design and then together we'll select the preferred properties and reach the final acceptable design.
I invite you to browse here in the portfolio of websites I've built and pick a general design for your website.
In addition, there is an option of working with one of the designers I work with, all design schools graduators and have many years of experience in the field, to get an high professional level designed website(additional fee).

The website's content

Just like almost everyone wants a website, so almost everyone has the ability to forget that a website needs a content.
The website represents you or your business and therefore the content is something that should come from you.
At least the initial content.
Of course that also on this field, not everyone is born with a pen and a keyboard in their hand, and not everyone is a copywriter,
But who knows you and your business better than you?
For example, the About Page is a very important part of any website,
As a fact, the About Page would be visited by most users in a website and almost always will be among the first pages to be visited, if not the first.
The users on your website don't know you, and so the About Page is the way to introduce yourself and your business and make them trust you.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…" (Laozi)

Therefore I highly recommend, initially, to spill anything that seems right and important.
You can also begin with writing the important topics in general lines and then expand them.
On a later stage, we can discuss together about the content you have and decide in which body we wish to turn to the users, make proofing, edit and with guiding questions add important information.
Here also, with additional fee, it's possible to work with professionals I work with to get an high professional level content for your website.

To get a quote and starting to work together on your new website,
You can call me or fill the details in the contact form, and I will return to you as soon as possible.


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