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The client contacted me with a request to build a corporate website for an events production company.
his requirements were:

  • The site must be responsive so that it is also compatible with mobile devices
  • There should be an option for the client to add content pages himself and edit the service pages offered by the company from time to time
  • The site should be in happy colors, spirit and style of the production company

About The WebSite

Build a corporate website for an events production company.

The home page offers two toolbars to maximize user exposure to the many services the company offers.

The site is dynamic and uses a database to store the information and images on the pages.

Build a Corporate Website with Information Pages About The Company’s Services

Each page refers to a different service that the company offers.
At the bottom of each page are eight images in the shape of magnets
(similar to one of the services offered by the company),
With teasers and links to other pages on the site
with additional services provided by Profix Event Productions.

In addition to the above pages, there is an about page on the website, a contact page
and a blog page with useful tips,
The client can upload them independently
with the help of an application that will be embedded in the site.

Use of Authentic Photos and Recommendations

Most of the images on the site are real images from events produced by the company,
in order to give an authentic atmosphere of the services it provides.

Each page ends with a bottom banner with details and a contact form.

In addition, the home page displays recommendations about the business,
which slide every few seconds or by clicking arrows.

The site is optimized for most screens and mobile devices,
and it also loads quickly according to Google’s search standard.

Photo Gallery – You can click on the pictures to enlarge

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