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The client asked me to build a corporate site for her business, which is in the field of natural pharmacy.
The requirements for building the site were –

  • A pleasant design in colors and energy that match the spirit of the business.
  • An option for the customer to add new products and content to the site, easily, by herself.
  • In addition for explaining the business and showing the products, she asked to also have a blog where she could add posts from time to time.

About The Website

Corporate site for natural organic vegan products.

The site presents the business products (ointments and oils in natural pharmacy).
In addition, it offers Reiki treatments,
and also contains a blog with useful tips and tricks related to natural pharmacy.

In addition to the services that the business offers,
the site contains two about pages (about the business and the owner).

Additional Pages in The Corporate Website

A page that explains what aromatherapy is,
a questions and answers page, and a contact page.
In addition, the home page displays recommendations slide about the business.
On the contact details page, there is a photos gallery slider
from fairs in which the business owner participated.

Management Interface For Adding Content By The Owner

The site is dynamic,
meaning the site owner can independently add new products to the store and new content to the blog.
The new content is automatically designed according to templates that we have specially designed for the site.
The site is designed in clean and soft lines,
it is adapted to most screen types and mobiles
and loads at high speed, according to Google’s search standard.

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