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The client, a television and film production company,
Contact me with a request that I build a landing page for the reception of candidates for a new TV show.
The client’s requirements were:

  • The landing page should be responsive, that is, compatible with mobile devices.
    Since the target audience for auditions are young people who mainly use mobile devices.
  • The page must contain a contact form for the candidates to fill their personal details.
  • The form must include an option to upload photos of the candidate.
  • Validations and verifications must be added to the form
    to ensure that submission of the form is possible only when filling in all the details and requirements of the series.
  • The design of the page is in the colors of the media company and the fonts it uses.

About The Landing Page

Landing page with a form for collecting audition candidates for a TV series.

Designed for a one-time project of a TV production company, for a specific series.

The page helps the project casting and filter candidates, using the contact form,

Through the form, the potential candidates can fill in their personal details and attach photos.

The sending of the details and photos is directly to the series’ cast manager email.

Secure Form With Various validations

Candidates reach the page via links,
Links are posted on sites and forums relevant to the candidates wanted for the series.

The design of the page is in the spirit of the media company for which the serie is intended
and it is adapted to most existing screens and mobile devices.

The form is secured and it provides various validations
to ensure sending to the cast by only suitable candidates and makes sure that all the details are provided.

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