International Non-Smoking Day

International Non-Smoking Day

Minisite for International Non-Smoking Conference

The client contacted me with a request to build a minisite for a one-time conference –
the International Non-Smoking Conference 2021.
The site should provide an opportunity for conference participants to receive information about the conference,
such as the schedule, participants, etc.
In addition, conference participants can watch videos on smoking cessation
prepared by various schools around the country.

Animations, Pop-Ups and Questionnaires

The site is actually an interactive image-
Hovering with the mouse on different elements animates them, using javascript,
and thus the user knows that they can be clicked for some information.
Some of the elements open, by clicking on them,
a popup showing one of the videos on smoking cessation, questionnaires, quizzes or conference information.

Minisite with Javascript Animations

The site is built in PHP including on-screen animations and user interaction using Javascript.
Built specifically for a one-time conference on the International Non-Smoking Day.
At the customer’s request, the site is not responsive, meaning it is not adapted to different screens, but only to a computer screen.

Click here to see the Non-Smoking Day Conference page

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