Herbalism Course

Herbalism Course

The client has an online course on natural, vegan and aromatherapy.
She had contacted me to create a landing page
that would lead to the purchase of the course.
In order to promote the page
we decided to expand it to a blog on natural pharmacy.
The blog includes posts with tips on natural nutrition and natural vegan solutions to various medical problems.

A Natural Pharmacy Blog

Landing page with a blog on natural medicine, built in WordPress.
The page ellabprates on the online course for herbal medicine,
including referrals for course registration, a page about the client and a contact page.
The page is responsive and adapted to all types of screens and devices.
In addition, the page content is tailored to the promotion and SEO requirements
including link words, tags, wording and content design.

The Client is Able to Upload New Content to The Natural Pharmacy Blog

The client has access to the content management system
and has been trained by me on how to upload new content, images or posts in the best way,
In terms of image size and text quality in order to maintain a good loading speed of the site
and for helping promote the site in Google search by using the right search terms.

Click here to see the Herbalism Course Blog

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