The newsletter of the Antiquities Authority employees

A newsletter system and an archive website of magazines and articles for the employees of the Antiquities Authority

The client contacted me with a request to build a newsletter system
to send a monthly, internal magazine to the employees of the Antiquities Authority.
In addition, the system should include a website that will be used by the employees as an archive
to view all the magazines and articles ever created.

After a conversation with the client,
it was decided that the right way to build the system would be by building a WordPress site.
The WordPress website will be used by the client to create the articles
that will appear in the magazine (posts) independently,
without dependence on the programmer.
In addition, the site will be connected to a newsletter platform in which we will design a template.
It will automatically pull the articles of that month from the website
and display them in the monthly issue.

A WordPress site that is also an archive of the articles and magazines from the newsletter

The WordPress website actually works as a blog
that allows the client to create posts that are actually the articles that are presented in the monthly issue.
The advantage of this is that the site also serves as an archive for all the articles that are ever created
and they are kept on the site’s server.
All the articles can be found on the website under Articles Collection.
It also allows easy accessibility and a search tool that allows the employees to find articles easily.

I connected the site to a newsletter platform where I made a designed template for the monthly issue.
Using a code embedded in the template, it pulls the articles of that month.
And so the articles will appear in the monthly magazine sent to the Authority’s employees.
In the next step, the customer receives the code of the newsletter sent, from within the platform.
He embeds the code easily, using copy-paste, on the WordPress site and creates a new magazine that is also saved in the archive.
all the magazines can be found on the website under Magazines Collection.

Training for company employees on how to use the newsletter system

Through screen sharing, I provided training to the company’s employees
who are supposed to create the articles and send the monthly magazine.
At the end of the training, they received from me written guides with screenshots for actions that are a little complex.
So that in fact they do not depend on the programmer
and have complete independence in everything related to the creation of the articles and issues.

Even after the work is done, the client can contact me with any questions
and if necessary the employees receive additional training.
In addition, if additions or changes are needed, everything is possible.

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