Fruit Shop

Online Shop for Frozen Fruit Deliveries

The Clients contacted me with a request to build a website
that is an online shop for frozen fruit deliveries.
The requirements for the shop were:

  • The website must be responsive, adapted to different screens and mobile in particular.
  • It is necessary to divide into categories pages.
  • In addition, there should be option to create a coupon code from time to time or various promotions.
  • The clients wanted to have a store management interface
    with product management, customers, orders, adding and changing content, etc.
  • The shop should be connected to a credit card transactions system.

About The Online Shop

A website that is an online store
for the purchase and delivery of frozen fruits and other healthy products.
The website was built from scratch in code using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
It is is built on NodeJs, Express and the database relies on MongoDB.
The website includes category pages, promotions, customer club registration,
shopping cart and order summary.
The site is responsive and adapted to all types of screens and devices.
In addition, the site has accessibility for people with disabilities.

Content Management System for Tracking Orders

The clients have a management system for editing and adding new products,
managing orders and customers and creating promotions.
The website is integrated with a credit card transactions system
and a mailing system of newsletters and text messages and an automation platform for marketing processes.

Website Maintenance and Upgrade

Beyond the ongoing maintenance and upgrade services of the site,
The clients, from time to time, are interested in adding new features to the shop
such as inventory management or revenue and profit control.
I maintain, advise, and upgrade the website at their request.

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