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Maria Villa Guesthouse

ordPress platform and is responsive,
meaning it's adapted to different screens.
All content is written by me after questioning the client
in order to understand the essence of the business and the services he offers.
All photos on the site are authentic and were taken by me,
at the client's request.

build corporate website

Profix Events Productions

Build a corporate website for an events production company.The home page offers two toolbars to maximize user exposure to the many services the company offers.The site is dynamic and uses a database to store the information and images on the pages.

אתר אינטרנט

Gutman Herbs

Corporate site for natural organic vegan products.The site presents the business products (ointments and oils in natural pharmacy).In addition, it offers Reiki treatments, and also contains a blog with useful tips and tricks related to natural pharmacy.
In addition to the services that the business offers, the site contains two about pages (about the business and the owner).

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