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Website- Maria Villa Guesthouse

The client contacted me with a request to build a website for his guesthouse
located in Arambol, Goa, India.
The clients’ requirements were:

  • The website must contain pages for the categories of services that the business offers.
  • It should be responsive, ie adapted to different screens.
  • A contact form should be on every page.
  • The client asked for my help with writing the content of the entire site
    and with shooting authentic photos of the place.

A WordPress Website

This corporate website is built on the WordPress platform and is responsive,
meaning it’s adapted to different screens.
All content is written by me after questioning the client
in order to understand the essence of the business and the services he offers.
All photos on the site are authentic and were taken by me,
at the client’s request.

The Provided Services on Categorized Pages

The home page details the business and the services it offers.
Clicking on one of the services that the business offers takes you to the relevant page of that service.
Each such page has a listing of the service offered,
relevant images and a slider of images at the bottom of the page.

Contact Options

Since this is a business that wants the contact options to be clear,
the options are displayed in many places throughout the site.

  • A contact form can be found on every page at the footerr.
  • In the same footer there are the contact phone numbers.
  • On the main menu one of the options is the contact page that leads to a page with all the details including an additional form.
  • In mobile mode, there is a floating button in the shape of a telephone – clicking on it dials the business.

Click here to see the Guesthouse in Arambol India website

Photo Gallery – Click on the pictures to enlarge

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