WordPress website – Tai Morris

WordPress website for Tai Morris’ portfolio, director & video producer

The client contacted me with a request to build a WordPress website that will be used as a portfolio.
Her field of activity is directing and producing videos and the website should display her works.
The requirements were a website with a clean and simple design, easy to load and adapted to different screens (responsive).

A WordPress website with an easy template and minimum use of plugins

Since this is a website that has a very simple design , but should display many images,
The challenge here is to ensure fast loading of the pages to meet the strict requirements of Google search.
To achieve these goals we used the following methods:

  • Selecting an easy and responsive template.
  • Using a minimum of plugins, with an emphasis on accelerating ones.
  • Adjusting the size of images to the minimum necessary while maintaining a good resolution.
  • Compressing the images and using an easy and web-friendly format.

The result: a WordPress website with a clean design and high loading speed

When designing the website is clean and simple, the spectacular photos are what makes it look good.
In this way, the works are brought to the front of the stage and they receive full attention.
Although there are many images, the site loads very quickly and receives the grade A.
Fast loading also leads to improving the site’s search results on Google.

Click here to see the website of Tai Morris directing and producing videos

Photos gallery- Click on the photos to enlarge

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